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Beaumont, Texas
is located on the Neches river on the coastal plain of southeast Texas. It is located 80 miles east of Houston, 30 miles upstream from the Gulf Of Mexico, and 25 miles from Louisiana. 
Beaumont is the county seat of Jefferson County. Other cities in the county include Port Arthur, Nederland, Groves, and Port Neches. 
Beaumont’s population is approx, 114,000, which swells dramatically during working hours. The US Census bureau’s 2003 estimate of Jefferson County was 248,605, It also reported the SMAS (Standard Metropolitan Area Statistics) population at 382,679, the 7th largest market in Texas.
Beaumont was settled in 1825 by Noah Tevis, from Tennessee. By 1840 the town's inhabitants had entered the lumber business. After the American Civil War Beaumont thrived with the demand for its lumber. Rice   plantings increased,   and in 1892 the first rice-polishing mill in the United States was built   in the city. Beaumont's status as a major oil-refining center began in 1901 after the discovery of oil at Spindletop, a small hill on the outskirts of the city. Gulf, Mobil, and Texaco oil companies were born here at that time. Spindletop was the first large oil field discovered in the United States. During and after World War II petrochemical industries, including synthetic rubber manufacturing, began to develop.
Spindeltop 1901
Ocean traffic reaches Beaumont through the canalized Sabine Pass from the Gulf of Mexico, Sabine Lake, and the Neches River. Area industry includes shipyards that make and repair barges and ocean going ships. The great industrial area makes oil-well drilling tools and machinery and large seagoing oil-drilling dredges for offshore operations. 

 The area also produces fabricated iron and steel goods. The lumber industry is still active and pulpwood industries have been introduced.


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